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Orgasm Scale™ is a cutting edge App that measures one of the key indicators of orgasms : heart rate. It works for both men and women and is the only App that can prove and validate an orgasm. To use ORGASM SCALE™ you will need a smart watch, a smart phone with blue tooth connectivity and the App, which you can download free from the App Store or Google Play.

Check out this short video to see how simple ORGASM SCALE™ is to use:

  • How it works
  • How it works
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  • Emma - Our Orgasm Expert - Sexologist
    Emma - Our Orgasm Expert - Sexologist

    I studied first economy and business. Then, I started to work in a FMCG company. I got bored and decided to study again but this time psychology and sexology. Much more interesting! Being contacted by Orgasm Scale Team telling me they found a way to confirm a real female orgasm, I decided to join and push further their research. And here I am.


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Through evolution, the woman’s orgasm is not necessary for reproduction.
A woman can have a baby and procreate without ever being aroused or climaxing.
Through evolution, the man’s climax shoots his genetic material in quantity into the woman and in many cases into many women over his lifetime.

Sometimes we just have different connections and different energies with our partners.
Not every sexual experience is the same each time.
Not all our partners are going to do the same things to us that feel good.
Couples need to communicate and learn and practice together.

I like to tell people that size doesn’t matter, but the truth is sometimes it does.  Sometimes if it is bigger than average it stimulates the g-spot more.  With a larger than average penis you can physically feel more friction.  It hits the G-Spot better as well as having more pleasure in the stretch of the vaginal opening and it can have more power during intercourse.  This can aid in a better orgasm.

Practice with a toy by yourself, until you learn to give yourself an orgasm.
Figure out what works for you.
Ask other women for advice.
Read books and do some online research about the female body and the female orgasm.
Set your mood. Light candles, have a nice hot bubble bath, put on some lingerie & give each other massages.
Go to an adult store before your date night.
Talk about fun exciting things you want to do to each other or to explore.
Watch porn together.
Role Play and become a different character for added fun.
Do something exciting like set a scene from a kinky book.
Try some safe, consensual bondage.
Masturbate with your partner to see what each other enjoys.
Buy a G-Spot vibrator, a Womanizer or a Hitachi Magic Wand.

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Download the ORGASM SCALE™App FREE from the App Store and Google Play.

Click on the icons below to download ORGASM SCALE™ for yourself today. All you need is a smart phone with blue tooth connectivity and you’re ready to start the fun !

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