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Fab asked 3 years ago

why women are faking orgasms?

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Fab answered 3 years ago

Because they fed up with their guys?

Emma Staff answered 3 years ago

There are many reasons. Sometimes it happens because some girls just can’t cum with particular man or the girl doesn’t know what orgasm means and she has never experienced it in her life. There are thousands of reasons and the list is never-ending. 
Dear Fab, would better if you tell me about your personal case that motivate you to ask me that.

Fab answered 3 years ago

It is something I read. I don t think it has happened to me

Emma Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Fab,
There are many reasons of faking orgasm: 

  1. anorgasmia
  2. bad experience
  3. to please the partner
  4. partner who doesn’t listen what his girl prefer in bed
Luamoon answered 2 years ago

I believe that most women who do not reach orgasm, pretend to enjoy the pleasure of not showing the partner that things are not going well … But this only brings more problems, the woman has low esteem, and thinks that it is impossible To achieve orgasm, I believe it is also an attitude of modesty, since most societies allow men and only them to have pleasure, women are educated to be mothers, dedicated, and non-companion girls of program that has a facility In reaching or even pretending that they are having an orgasm. Since these companions are paid to keep the men company and also to couples who want to feel other form of pleasure and to have other sexual experiences more open and free of taboos and prejudices.

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